How to create outline lighting with LED Strip light?


Outline lighting is a novel and fashionable home lighting mode that can enhance the sense of space and render the atmosphere. outline light is rarely seen in traditional homes, but in modern home decoration, it is a secret of styling. Lets discuss today, how do LED strip light create outline light? Because this effect is mainly achieved by LED strip lights, and with LED downlights, the light environment can become more elegant.

Outline light specifically, LED strip lighting is a hidden type of lighting, which closely combines light with the building structure. If you want to create a sense of hierarchy, it is indispensable. There are two specific ways to create outline lights:


LED light strip to create outline light method 1:


The more commonly used method is to build a led strip light on the cove of the ceiling, and the light source is upward, and the light is reflected by the ceiling, so that the ceiling has a floating effect, and the outline of the entire ceiling also jumps out. When you don't need the main light (such as watching movies), you can just turn on the LED strip light and enjoy the immersive atmosphere of outline light.


After looking at the usage of the outline light used by the flexible LED strip, you may also find that no matter which usage, it is inseparable from the "assist" of the LED downlight. Yes, in fact, if the outline light created by the LED strip is mainly used as an auxiliary lighting, the light is soft, but if it is only used for lighting, it will definitely not meet the needs of home space.


Therefore, the LED downlight is the protagonist behind the lighting, provided that its optical design must be scientific and reasonable. Therefore, when selecting models, we must pay attention to the light distribution design of LED downlights. For example, how is the anti-glare control? Is the light dazzling? Is the light spot clean and free of macular stray light?


In terms of optical design, the reflector of the LED downlight adopts a new generation of nano-coating technology to ensure uniform and soft light, and also consolidate the deep anti-glare performance. Coupled with the scientific secondary light distribution design of the reflector + face ring, the light spot transitions naturally and there is no macular stray light.


LED light strip to create outline light method 2:


One is to use an opaque decorative panel parallel to the wall to cover the light source, illuminate the wall, and bring dramatic light effects to the wall panels, curtains, and wall decorations. The outline light can be realized by LED light strips and light troughs. Drawing out the outlines of walls, ceilings, and furniture (such as the edges of beds and cabinets) can often bring just the right sense of luxury.


For example, installing LED strip lights on the edge of the bed bottom in the bedroom makes it softer and greatly improves comfort. Sometimes you don't want to turn on the main light, just turn on the outline light.


Today I mainly talked about how to create outline light with LED strips. It seems that choosing a good LED downlight not only has a bonus effect on the outline light application of LED strips, but also plays a decisive role in the comfort of the overall light environment.