What are the tips for purchasing LED track light?


In recent years, LED track lights have been widely used in clothing store lighting cases, which has played a finishing touch, but many clothing stores or decoration companies will encounter many problems when purchasing LED lights , because they cannot accurately choose the most suitable one among the various LED track lights. Next, let me analyze for you what are the purchasing skills of LED track lighting?

LED track lights can also be called LED spotlights, which are a special type of LED spotlights. It has diverse beam angle due to flexible adjustable angle, and is favored by customers. Reflectors with different light-emitting angles are used in different occasions. The light that comes out will make the original objects show different charms. The main purpose is directional lighting, such as window lighting, wine cabinet lighting, auxiliary lighting for TV walls, etc.


LED track light purchase tips 1: LED Driver

Many consumers now order LED track lights and only pay attention to power and price, but the core part is not paid attention to, that is, LED Driver. LED Driver is divided into two types: isolated and non-isolated. Isolated drivers are relatively expensive, but safe and stable; non-isolated drivers are relatively cheap, but because of the high-voltage input, they are not safe. Long-term use will also affect the life of the lamp beads. , The lamp bead is easy to decay or burn out.


LED track light purchase tips 2: LED Beads


Even the LED beads of the same brand have different grades. The core of the LED beads is the chip. The size and packaging method of the chip affect its price.


LED track light purchase tips 3: housing


The same 20W led track light, why are the prices sold in the market very different, some are expensive, some are very cheap? In order to save costs, many small factories now use iron or plastic housing to save costs. People in the industry know that, LED heat dissipation is the most important part. If the heat dissipation is not good, the light will decay in a short time and the brightness will become darker in a good situation; in a bad situation, the LEDs beads will be burnt directly. Therefore, the choice of aluminum housing is very important for the heat dissipation of led track lights.


In summary, when buying led track lighting, you must consider the quality of the above three parts, led driver, led beads and housing, so that you can buy safe, reliable, and stable quality led track lights.

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