How do LED track lights create accent lighting?


Light is like a kaleidoscope, and those who are good at using it can create infinite, any excellent display designer must be a messenger of light, a dancer of light, and any successful display is always enhanced by brilliant light. If you don't know how to use light and don't use it well, any exquisite exhibits will be overshadowed. In museum lighting, the application of accent lighting in artificial lighting can be said to be the most. Let's take a look at how LED track lights create accent lighting.




The illumination requirements for accent lighting are generally high, so we should take more consideration of the protection of exhibits, such as the photosensitivity, light radiation, and exposure of the exhibits, and choose appropriate lighting fixtures to cast light. Accent lighting is generally aimed at exhibits, paintings and display models. In order to highlight the key points and three-dimensional levels, all lighting needs to be avoided. Therefore, precise light distribution is required to create good visual conditions.


Accent lighting is a commonly used lighting method in museum lighting. Accent lighting allows the vision to distinguish the priority of the exhibits in the first time, and also allows the exhibits to attract the visual at the first time. The excellent accent lighting effect has great artistic potential. The visual perception and impact of light and dark can achieve full-angle and multi-directional display, with clear primary and secondary layers, and the use of light and shadow stacking to enhance the three-dimensional sense and create the mystery of the dark shadow area.


In the accent lighting, due to the different nature of museum displays, the content and exhibits are quite different, so the museum display art design has its own characteristics in light and lighting design, and each has different requirements.


Our LED track lights product series is comprehensive, and we always develop products according to space research and customer needs. All series contain 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W, 30W, 35W, 40W and so on. 12°/24°/36°/60°/10-60° zoomable and other different beam angles. Whether it is a display cabinet with a height of 2 meters or an altitude projection of more than 10 meters, our LED track lighting can be satisfied.


LED track lights from LED Orientalight Co., LTD also have the following features:


The top imported high-CRI LED light source and high-precision color separation technology ensure the uniformity of the lighting effect and prevent the exhibits from being damaged by infrared and ultraviolet radiation. Customized professional optical grade PMMA lens, the light spot transition is smooth and balanced, effectively eliminating stray light and side spots.


Museum display lighting needs good lighting effects and color rendering to create the artistic effects of exhibits. Our company's LED track lighting pay attention to the color reproduction of the light, and use the highest quality light to restore the most authentic and beautiful appearance of art.


Standard single-lamp dimming function can be adjusted according to the actual scene requirements.


The emphasis of light is to make up for the mediocre and monotonous feeling in the display space, strengthen the expressiveness of the display, arouse people's optic nerves, and arouse people's psychological interest. Through the primary and secondary emphasis of light, it can form the center of interest in the display space, creating a strong and vivid artistic effect. Therefore, in the art of display technology, the key parts use light emphasis, contrast and other means to achieve the purpose of key exhibits and highlight themes.


There are often adjustments and changes in museum exhibitions and displays, which require flexible adjustment of lighting fixtures. Our LED track lights can rotate 360° horizontally and 90° vertically without leaving any blind spots for lighting. The lighting is more flexible, meeting the needs of flexible control of exhibition adjustment.


To sum up, the display of cultural relics needs the outline of light, because light is the soul of museum exhibitions and the source of beauty. High-quality LED track lights have professional optical design to control the light exit of the lamps to minimize light loss and improve light efficiency. It can also achieve ultra-narrow, narrow, medium, and wide light distribution methods by changing different lenses. To meet the irradiation needs of exhibits of different types, sizes and volumes.