Where is led linear light used?


LED linear lights not only bring visual impact to people, but also visual extensibility, making the corridor of the space deeper and the floor height more spacious. The light of the LED linear lamp is soft, and the light and dark changes make the space more three-dimensional, enhance the sense of hierarchy, and can create the style and atmosphere of the overall home.

What is LED linear light?
The line lamp is a kind of decorative lamp. The shell of the lamp is made of aluminum alloy, which is beautiful and sturdy.

This is a kind of lamps that can be seamlessly installed on the wall or cabinet. Various forms can meet the decoration needs of different scenes. For example, in the living room, walk a few steps along the top of the ceiling. The ceiling and the main lamp do not need to be decorated at all. The unique geometric shape can also greatly improve the three-dimensional sense and grade of the living room.

Performance characteristics of LED linear lights

a. Beautiful
If the owner has a different obsession with beauty, then the LED linear light products can fully meet his requirements. Customized angle curves and customized exterior colors can be used to create unique and eye-catching designs.

b. Directional light
The line light source is directional, and it is used to create a very good wall washing effect.

c. Color temperature
The color temperature of the line lights ranges from cool white to warm white, which can create different atmospheres in the space.

d. Low energy consumption and long life
The LED linear lamp series is a high-end flexible decorative lamp, which is characterized by low power consumption, long life, high brightness, easy bending, and maintenance-free. Especially suitable for indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, building outlines and billboard production, etc. According to different needs, the product has 12V, 24V, etc., and the length is 60CM, 120CM, 150CM, 180CM, 240CM, etc. Line lights of different specifications can also be customized according to customer needs. It can be used as a light supplement and used with the main light source. Especially in the design of tooling projects, you can choose the right color matching to highlight the atmosphere, and it will consume less energy when it is turned on for a long time.

Application of LED linear lights

a. Corridor
The long and narrow corridors have poor lighting and are also depressing. Ordinary lights can't meet the demand at all. The advantage of using line lights is that it can be installed scattered along the wall, the light source will not be concentrated in a certain position, while illuminating the space, it also has an exquisite decorative effect. Do you have a moment to be in the movie screen a feeling of?

b. Wall
The monotonous wall uses line lights + modeling decoration, which will not break the original tone, but can also set off a more advanced visual beauty.

c. Smallpox
The most common is the line lights on the ceiling of the living room, which are used in a variety of ways, and will create a stronger atmosphere visually.

d. Stairs/Floors
The line lights are hidden under the stairs, or the side is used as a sensing light source, which is not only beautiful, but also has practical value.

Installing linear lights on the platform and collocation of sensor devices will increase the sense of security at night.

How to install LED linear lights
The three most common installation methods for LED linear lights are hanging installation, surface installation or embedded installation.

a. Pendant installation
Hanging from the ceiling with a hanging wire is most suitable for rooms with a wide ceiling height. This is also an ideal way to create accent lighting, mostly used in spacious spaces, above the dining table or above the reception desk.

b. Surface installation, no slotting required
Surface-mounted linear lights are installed on the ceiling or wall surface, and are mostly suitable for situations where the ceiling height causes the chandelier to be too low. Nowadays, many finished products are very delicate and can be fixed with tools according to the situation.

c. Embedded installation

Recessed linear lights are embedded in walls, floors or ceilings to create a visually flat effect while providing light sources in the plane.

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