Which one has the advantage, LED street lamp or high pressure sodium lamp?


In today's urban night scene lighting, street lamps are very common lighting fixtures and an important indicator of urban development. With the continuous development of lighting technology, the research and development of street lamp technology is also progressing, from the original high-pressure sodium lamp to the current LED street lamp. So, what is the difference between LED street lamp and high pressure sodium lamp?


First, let's talk about the high-pressure sodium lamp. Its light color is yellow, and its color temperature and color rendering index are relatively low. The color rendering index of sunlight is 100, while the color rendering index of yellow high pressure sodium lamp is only about 20. However, the color temperature of LED street lights can be freely selected between 3000-7000K, and the color rendering index is also above 80, which is closer to the color of natural light. The color temperature of the high-pressure sodium lamp is for white light, usually around 1900K. And because the high-pressure sodium lamp is colored light, the color rendering should be low, so the "color temperature" has no practical meaning for the sodium lamp.


The start-up time for the high-pressure sodium lamp is relatively long, and a certain time interval is required when restarting. Normally, it can reach normal brightness for about 5-10 minutes after power-on, and it takes more than 5 minutes to restart. The LED street light does not have the problem of long start-up time, it can work at any time and is easy to control.


For high-pressure sodium lamps, the utilization rate of the light source is only about 40%, and most of the light must be reflected by the reflector before it can be irradiated into the designated area. The utilization rate of the LED street light source is about 90%, most of the light can be directly irradiated into the designated area, and only a small part of the light needs to be irradiated by reflection.


The lifespan of ordinary high-pressure sodium lamps is about 3000-5000 hours, while the lifespan of LED street lamp can reach 30,000-50000 hours. If the technology is more mature, the lifespan of LED street lamps can reach 100,000 hours.


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