Mini LED backlight breaks through strongly, National Star Optoelectronics is ready


Recently, many international brands have launched or revealed Mini LED backlight products or related processes. More news pointed out that Apple may introduce the Mini LED backlight technology in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro released in 2021. Mini LED backlight technology is entering a critical stage of commercialization.

As an early packaging company that laid out Mini LED backlight technology in the industry, from its own advantages, Guoxing Optoelectronics actively promoted Mini LED backlight technology solutions and manufacturing processes, improved cost control capabilities, and helped terminal manufacturers expand the application field of Mini LED backlight technology.

Diversified solutions to help terminal applications quickly enter the market

National Star Optoelectronics Mini LED backlight has three technical solutions: Mini SMD, Mini COB and Mini COG. It can continue to provide professional and cost-effective solutions according to different application fields and market rhythm.

The National Star Mini SMD solution has the characteristics of large angle, high consistency and mature and reliable. At this stage, it has unparalleled advantages in equipment, production efficiency, process control, etc., and has excellent applications in medium and large-size TV applications Competitive prices enable products to be mass produced quickly and seize market opportunities. At present, National Star Mini SMD backlight multi-series high-angle special-purpose devices have been mass-produced, and a number of special production lines for Mini LED backlight modules have been built, and the products have been exported to European and American markets.


The National Star Mini COB solution is full of highlights, such as ultra-large integrated packaging, one-time optical small OD thin design, curved surface packaging, etc. It has the advantages of thinner, wider color gamut and more energy saving in applications such as high-end gaming displays. In addition, National Star The Mini COB solution can achieve a radius of curvature below R600 to meet the needs of curved screens. At present, the company is actively cooperating with customers for joint development and technical breakthroughs. It has achieved staged victory and introduced customer supply chain system to achieve batch order delivery.

In the Mini COG backlight solution, for dynamic partitioning, ultra-thin medium and large size TVs and displays, etc., Guoxing Optoelectronics is jointly developing with terminal glass panel manufacturers and has shipped in small quantities.

Continuous optimization to enhance the market competitiveness of solutions

As a domestic enterprise that started the LED backlight business layout earlier, Guoxing Optoelectronics has strong business adaptability in terms of Mini LED backlight. It is a major supplier of Taiwan's well-known display manufacturers in the mainland, in terms of equipment, production efficiency, BOM cost Has a strong advantage. In terms of patent layout, the company applied for a total of 24 Mini LED backlight method and structure patents, including 15 inventions and 9 utility models. A total of 9 patent authorizations were obtained. The constantly rich patent layout has laid a good foundation for the development of Mini backlights The foundation of the product, and at the same time increase the added value of the product for the terminal application.

Next, Guoxing Optoelectronics will continue to focus on the optimization of Mini LED backlight technology solutions, continue to improve cost control capabilities and product added value, and cooperate with the entire industry chain to actively expand the application field of Mini LED backlight to bring consumers a better quality of vision Experience.