1000w LED Grow Light
  • Air Pro1000w LED Grow Light
  • Air Pro1000w LED Grow Light
  • Air Pro1000w LED Grow Light
  • Air Pro1000w LED Grow Light
  • Air Pro1000w LED Grow Light
  • Air Pro1000w LED Grow Light

1000w LED Grow Light

We supply full spectrum spider 1000w led grow light bar for greenhouse, indoor plant or vertical farming system, top quality with CE ROHS FCC ETL 5 years warranty. There are 300w 600w 800w 1000w led grow light for option. we devoted ourselves to production of led grow light many years, covering most of European, American and worldwide market. We are looking forward to be your long term partner in china.


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Product Description

1000w LED Grow Light

1. Product Introduction of the full spectrum 1000w led grow light.

How to choose the type of grow light?

As a new light source, LED has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, long life, short response time and so on. It has obvious advantages in the field of agricultural supplementary lighting. Compared with the traditional light source, LED can adjust and control the spectrum and radiation intensity according to the demand; secondly, led belongs to cold light source, and the short-range irradiation will not cause burns to crops. Is it OK to select led fill light directly? The answer is not necessarily. The climatic conditions of the location of the building owner should be considered. If it is in the north and it is cold in winter, it is suggested that led grow light and high pressure sodium lamp be mixed to keep the greenhouse at a certain temperature. If it is in the warmer south, you can use LED supplementary light alone. Led grow light also called led grow lights, led grow light fluence, led grow light bulbs, led grow light strips,led grow light cob, led grow light diy, led grow light indoor plants,led grow light bar, led grow light ufo,spider led grow light, led grow light panel, led grow light hydroponics, led grow light kits, led grow light mars hydro, led grow light fixtures, led QB grow light, which are widely used for indoor hydroponics, tissue culture, growth light supplement, seedling raising, greenhouse light supplement, and artificial intervention in flowering period,vertical farm etc.

1000w led grow light 

2.Product Parameter (Specification) of the 1000w led grow light full spectrum.

Item No.


Product Model



Full spectrum


3408 ±5% µmol/s

Input Power

1000 ±5% W


2.75 µ mol/J

Single package size


Light Size




Mounting Height

12(30.5cm) Above Canopy

Thermal Management




Light Distribution

120 °

Lifetime L90


Power Factor


Product Certificates

CE   RoHS  FCC ETL pending

Working Temperature


IP Grade



5 years



3.Product Feature And Application of the 1000w led grow light.


For ecological agriculture and facility agriculture, we provide high-quality LED grow light bar products and technical support services, such as indoor hydroponics, tissue culture, growth light supplement, seedling raising, greenhouse light supplement, and artificial intervention in flowering period,vertical farm etc.  



4. Product Details of the 1000w led plant grow light.

1) The spider led grow light can be assembled and disassembled with strong flexibility, small volume and light weight.


2) The thermal design with 0603 aluminium heat dissipation profile, better head dissipation effect.


3) High intelligent control system can adjust the spectrum through time control/touch mould of tablet computer, or

manually adjust the spectrum by twisting. can be 2/3/4/5 channel dimming.


4) This spider LED grow light can achieve a high efficacy of 2.75 umol / J, and the better canopy light penetration, get 40% higher yield vs with  less energy compared with other red blue lights. You will be able to cut down the costs of the the horticultural lighting system. 






5. Product Qualification of the 1000w LED Grow light.

Created for greenhouse and vertical farming lighting applications. Full spectrum provide everything plants desired in the natural sunlight, encouraging healthy and more balanced plant growth by stimulating photosynthesis, enhancing plant immunity and increasing nutritional value, turning your seeds into a high yielding plants. And due to its white-based light recipe, makes the led grow light easier for growers to observe plant growth situation compared with other red blue lights.


How do plants use different light spectrums?

Blue light (430nm-450nm) 

This range of spectrum enables cryptochromes and phototropins to mediate plant responses such as phototropic curvature, inhibition of elongation growth, chloroplast movement, stomatal opening and seedling growth regulation. It affects chlorophyll formation, photosynthesis processes, and through the cryptochrome and phytochrome system, raises the photomorphogenetic response.

In more practical terms, these wavelengths encourage vegetative growth and are essential in lighting for seedlings and young plants during the vegetative stage of their growth cycle, especially when "stretching" must be reduced or eliminated.  It also stimulates the production of secondary pigments which can enhance colors and is known to also stimulate Terpene (i.e. fragrance) production.


Green light (500nm-550nm)

Most green light is reflected off the plant and plays a much smaller role in plant growth. However, there are some important aspects of light in this range so a certain amount of light in this spectrum range is beneficial. Green light is sometimes used as a tool for eliciting specific plant responses such as stomatal control, phototropism, photomorphogenic growth and environmental signaling. When combined with blue, red and far-red wavelengths, green light completes a comprehensive spectral treatment for understanding plant physiological activity. The function of green light is less well understood than the other spectrums, and there are only certain species of plants that require green light for normal growth. It's effects appear to be very strain specific.

The pigments that can absorb green are found deeper in the leaf structure so it is thought that because green light reflects off of the Chlorophyll in leaf surfaces and thus is reflected deeper into the shaded areas of the canopy than Red and Blue which are readily absorbed, that green may actually be mostly absorbed through the undersides of the leaves as it bounces around in the shaded depths of the canopy.


Red light (640nm-680nm)

Red light affects phytochrome reversibility and is the most important for flowering and fruiting regulation. These wavelengths encourage stem growth, flowering and fruit production, and chlorophyll production.


The 660nm wavelength has a very strong photosynthetic action and also exhibits the highest action on red-absorbing phytochrome regulated germination, flowering and other processes. Most effective for light cycle extension or night interruption to induce flowering of long-day plants or to prevent flowering of short-day plants.


IR (730nm)

Although the 730nm wavelength is outside the photosynthetically active range, it has the strongest action on the far-red absorbing form of phytochrome, converting it back to the red-absorbing form. It becomes necessary for plants requiring relatively low values of the phytochrome photoequilibrium to flower. Can be used at the end of each light cycle to promote flowering in short-day plants.

led grow light strip 

led grow light strip



6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the 1000w led grow light.

Our led grow light has strong packaging design, the product will not be worn or broken during transportation, which can ensure the product reach your hand safely.



1) Our quality control (4 times 100% checking and 24 hours aging)

1.Raw material 100% check before production.

2.order must have a first sample and full check before manufacturing process.

3.100% check before aging.

4.24 hours aging with 500 times on off testing.

5.100% final inspection before packing.

2) Our service:

1.Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 2 hours even during holiday.

2.Well-trained and experienced staffs to answer all your inquiries in fluent English.

3.We accept “support” OEM&ODM orders

4.Distributorship is offered for your unique design and some our current models.

5.Protection of your sales are ideas of design and all your private information.

3) Warranty terms:

1/1 replacement of defects within the warranty period.






Q1. Can I have a sample order for led light?


A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.


Q2: How long the delivery time ?


A: For sample,need 1-3 working days.


For quantity order,need 10-12 working days.


Q3: Can LED grow light's spectrum be customized?

A: Yes, all of our led grow lights can be customized to perfectly meet the needs for different plants growth.


Q4: Can you make my own logo on the led grow light?

A: Yes, we can make your own logo if needed, just feel free to let us know when youre ready for it and then we talk about the details.


Q5: Do you offer guarantee for the grow light?

A: Yes, we offer 3 years warranty for grow light.


Q6: How to deal with the damaged products?

A: Firstly, our products are produced in strict quality control system and the defective rate is less than 0.2%.


Secondly, during the warranty period, the new lights or spare parts will be sent to you to replace the damaged ones together with your new order, or we can discuss together for a good solution according to the actual situation.


Q7: How to place an order?

A: Firstly, please tell us the specific light and the quantity you need, then we confirm all the details, we will make the PI (Proforma Invoice) for you to confirm the order. Once the payment is received, the order will be arranged and the goods will be sent to you ASAP.

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